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Fresh Fruit Desserts

The sweetest. Naturally.

We only offer fruit desserts that use fruits that are in-season, meaning they will be the freshest and most delicious as possible. This approach guarantees that whatever season it happens to be, your desserts will absolutely fabulous.

Raspberry Dream Tart

Same as above with fresh raspberry cream replacing the orange cream.

11" 10-12 slices – $36.00
Caramel-Apple Tart

We add a layer of caramel.

11" 8-10 slices – $37.00
Blueberry Butter or Raspberry Butter Cake

A deep butter cake made with fresh blueberries or raspberries when in season. Blueberries are best in June or July.

10" 9-12 slices – $23.00
With fresh raspberries – $32.00
4" minimum order of six $5.00 each
Apple Nut Cake

A hearty moist cake made with apples, pecans, and cream cheese icing.

12-15 slices – $38.00
Tart Au Citron

A butter cookie crust with a delightfully tart, simple lemon filling and a sprinkling of fresh diced apples.

11" 10-12 slices – $28.00
Lemon Cream Tart

A butter cookie crust filled with a lighter version of lemon curd.

11" 10-12 slices – $28.00
Pear Tart

Butter cookie crust and fresh pears in a sour cream custard; also great with blackberries, apricots, or apples. Blackberry or apricot available in season.

11" 8-10 slices – $33.00
Dream Tart​

The subtle taste of coffee and chocolate are blended together in this butter crust. Inside a layer of white chocolate mousse is topped with a light orange cream. Sure to evoke childhood memories of a refreshing Dreamsicle. A mocha crust is our addition.

11" 10-12 slices – $36.00
Lime-Blueberry Tart

A seasonal favorite; a baked lime custard is topped with blueberries cooked in their own syrup. A must in June when blueberries are plump and fresh.

11" – $30.00