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Brunch Desserts

Warm up your mornings.

Sometimes you just need something warm and sweet to start your day right, and Cravings Gourmet has just the answer. From French Apple Cake to muffins and scones, we offer the best sweet breakfast items. 

French Apple Cake

Upside-down butter cake topped with tart apples, cinnamon and sugar. Also good with peaches when in season, June and July.

10" 8-10 slices – $26.00
Peach 10" 8-10 slices – $28.00
Blueberry or Raspberry Butter Cake

A deep butter pound cake made with fresh blueberries or raspberries. Simple, but wonderful. I can’t stop eating it!

Blueberry season, June 10" 9-12 slices – $26.00
With fresh raspberries 10" 9-12 slices – $32.00
Minimum order of six 4" $5.00 each
Nut Stollen

A prized family recipe; A yeast dough is brushed with a honey and butter mixture. A pecan filling flavored with cinnamon is then rolled inside.

10-12 slices – $25.00

Minimum order of twelve. Raspberry or blueberry, Lemon-sweet & tart, moist and dense, plus other seasonal variations

Raspberry or blueberry – $3.50 each
Lemon-sweet & tart, moist and dense – $3.50 each
Other seasonal variations (such as Blackberry, Peach, Cherry) market price
Miniature versions of our muffins also available – Minimum order of thirty – $1.50 each

My Irish heritage and my travel to Ireland make these a personal favorite. Biscuits enriched with both butter and cream.

$4.00 each
Call for seasonal varieties. Plain, Blueberry, Cherry – $4.00 each