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Chocolate Desserts

Universally loved. Exquisitely crafted.

For people who love chocolate, which is over 80% of us, it’s always our first choice. By using only the finest ingredients and by crafting with care, our chocolate treats are truly among the finest the area.

Chocolate Chess Tart

A butter cookie crust filled with a wonderfully rich and creamy chocolate that resembles chocolate mousse and a brownie in one.

11" 14-16 slices – $30.00
White Satin Tart

A butter cookie crust covered with raspberry puree and filled with white chocolate mousse. Decorated with contrasting bittersweet chocolate. A delight for lovers of white chocolate. Simply wonderful.

11" 12 slices – $33.00
Chocolate Regal
Flourless | Gluten-Free

The ultimate chocolate dessert. Rich, dense, smooth, and chocolaty. Served alone or with raspberry sauce. Topped with whipped cream. Baked in a loaf and pre-sliced by us.

10 inch diameter; about 16 delicate slices: $55.00
or 4" individual: $8.00
Raspberry Sauce: $22.00 only with 10" cake
Caramel Ganache Tart

Crisp crust filled with butter pecan caramel and topped with a chocolate truffle filling. Tim’s personal favorite!

11" 12-14 slices – $42.00
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Chocolate cookie crust filled with creamy peanut butter mousse. Topped with a generous layer of semi-sweet chocolate. If you like Reese’s, you’ll love this.

10" 14-16 slices – $40.00
Cappuccino Dream Tart

Mocha crust is filled with white chocolate mousse and topped with cappuccino cream.

11" 10-12 slices – $33.00